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Thank you Janice for everything. I'm sending you this check which includes shipping. I think its only fair that I pay it. I put the Lip Guardian on my cold sore and I noticed an hour later that the hard bump where the cold sore was, was gone, and at night I could feel the nerves twitching in that area on my lip and since fever blisters live in the nerves, I think this means it went straight to the source of the problem.
p.s. Have you considered making a hand salve or all over body lotion? My hands are cracked since I have been washing them alot, due to the cold sore. "God bless you"

Hi Janice - I hope you don't find this too much of an "advertisment", but simply a sincere endorsement for your awesome product, "Lip Guardian". Please feel free to use this endorsement in any way you prefer when and if you feel appropriate.

Having used a variety of over the counter and prescription medications with limited results for minor skin rashes, I used "Lip Guardian". I am very satisfied because I get quick results, and I believe the reason it is so effective is that all of the ingredients are 100% natural allowing the "Lip Guardian" to be in sync with what the body needs to heal.

Lip Guardian is great! I get cold sores; have since I was a kid. It seems like if I eat too much citrus, nuts, chocolate or stay out in the wind or sun too much I get a cold sore. I've used several products to help keep them at bay and speed healing including prescriptions and none have I felt more satisfied with than Lip Guardian. It works geat, feels nice and smells good. Thank you Lip Guardian!

Hi Janice - I just wanted to follow up on the sample you sent me. I've tried a lot of things over the years and eventually reverted to pure lanolin–but even that has ceassed to work. And I was apprehensive to trying anything else and spending more money. So I just wanted to thank you again for sending me a free sample–I really appreciate it a lot.

To my great suprise, it worked. Other chapsticks just made it worse, but within 4 days of using your product, my lips stopped peeling. Previously I would get up every morning, apply lanolin really quick because my lips were so dry, then rub my lips together and the top layer would peel off. It's really nice to be a regular person again who can just use chapstick and not a weirdo lanolin tube. And I can go longer periods of time without needing to apply it, so there's not this near deathly panic when I realize I forgot it somewhere.

I have participated in testing this product for over two years. As I suffer from the occasional cold sore, I can only say it’s fantastic! I put this on at the first sign and no cold sore. It’s also great for everyday use. I have even given it to my grandkids. We all love it.

I’ve used Lip Guardian since it’s origin. I’ve had the pleasure watching Lip Guardian’s inventor perfect it formula. I use Lip Guardian on myself and my family; it completely heals chapped lips and resolves any lip dryness. I love Lip Guardian, try it and you’ll love Lip Guardian, too.
Nadene, R.N. & Lip Guardian Fan

I was in the beginning stages of developing a cold sore to the point where it had started scabbing up on my lip. My usual regimen for cold sores is prescription medication. However, I was not able to get in touch with my doctor over the weekend, so I applied the Lip Guardian to my cold sore about 3 times a day. In 3 days my cold sore was completely gone!! No prescription needed. Now I know to start using Lip Guardian at he beginning signs of a cold sore and no longer have to pay the high amount of dollars needed for the other medications or chemicals that harm my body. This product is great!!!

We all know what happens when the holidays come around our stress levels go up like a
cats back. Needless to say the holidays create the coming of cold and stormy weather
more stress and what seems ordinary turns to extraordinary. Some of us have little habits
when our stress goes up mine is biting and licking my lips and at the end of the day they
are extremely chapped and sore.

I was driving to a family gathering when I noticed my lips were burning and somewhat
swollen, and sore. Thinking to my self wishing I had something to put on my lips, OMG
I don't want to stop and in that split second I remembered I did have something, I
remembered the story my nurse friend had shared with me about her Aunt. My lips at
that time chapped, swollen and really hurt; I pulled out my Lip Guardian, as soon as I put
it on I felt immediate soothing relief plus it smells wonderful, it does not give you that
smelly, gloppy, gluey feeling that medicated lip balms do I would rather suffer than use
those. But Lip Guardian lasts a long time gives soothing instant relief. It saved my
evening and I just love!!!!!

I fell in love with Lip Guardian after experiencing its wonderful healing powers firsthand. When I felt a cold sore coming on I applied Lip Guardian and it stopped the blister in its tracks. Not only did it heal my sore, but it feels great, tastes great, and protects my lips all day long. I love LIp Guardian. Thank you,

I felt as if something had bitten me. I went to the doctor and was given antibiotics. This "bite" cleared up in about a month. Now when I get stressed, or for what ever reason I will get this same "sore" or damaged skin where I thought I was bitten by a spider.  Over the last 3 years, I have had this same area of skin compromised approximately 6 times. After the second visit to my doctor and another round of antibiotics. I just decided to put Lip Guardian on the next sore that appeared. It took about 3-4 days to completly clear up this horrible spot on the back of my leg


Just wanted to thank you again for sending me your product a few months ago. It took about two weeks but my lips did finally get back to normal. Hope you are able to patten your product before too long and that it will be readily available on the open market.
Blessings, D.N.

I would be more than happy to recommend this great product to people who have chapped lips and all. It has helped me a lot and boosted my confidence. I really wish that everyone would have the same outcome. Thank you so much for all your help Janice.

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